Our Story

Sometimes a business can be born out of the most unlikely of situations.

We were sat in Green Park during one of London’s heatwave summer days, agonising over what to wear for our friend’s wedding in Ibiza. It was to be quite a grand weekend with over 250 guests attending from 57 countries! Crestfallen by the limited choice of men’s and women’s accessories, we ditched shopping to take in an icy drink and feel the sun on our faces. Out of nowhere a majestic Magpie swooped overhead dropping one of it’s magnificent winged feathers. Instantly transfixed by its colour, beauty and form, we were determined to transform it into a stylish bow tie. The challenge paid off and we were inundated with orders from the other wedding guests. This allowed us to expand our collection to include striking pocket squares, innovative silk bow ties and sumptuous silk scarves.

LYTASA is the perfect blend of Art, Fashion and Design, drawing our inspiration from the extraordinary beauty of feathers.

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